Style made to last. The Aqua Puff Sleeve Blouse is a hip length top with a mock neck, ruched details throughout the fit. A work-to-bar fave to join your timeless wardrobe. Goes flawless with skirts, tights, jeans and formal pants...
Bananeira T-Shirt
If you’re looking for a whatever-the-season-statement, you don’t need to look for it anymore! The Bananeira T-Shirt is definitely the right top to keep your lonely bottoms company. It has not just an inspiring print, but also jaw-dropping padded shoulders...
Black Animal Life Midi Skirt
That’s just one more colorful reason for you to spread joy all around! The Black Animal Life Midi Skirt is here to follow your moves with its flowy shape, and you can adjust the waistline to feel more comfortable. Oh,...
Black Animal Life Sweatshirt
The new definition of a super comfortable fave to lounge around in: the Black Animal Life Sweatshirt is here to keep you warm, matching any outfit you have in mind. It has an adjustable hoodie if you feel like being...
Black Animal Sky Maxi Dress
Well, you don’t need to look for an atemporal staple anymore: the Black Animal Sky Maxi Dress is right here! It has long sleeves to help you deal with the breeze. This maxi dress also features a cozy fit and...
Black Flowerdoscopic Bodysuit
Well, this is something to match all your lonely bottoms in a very-bold way. The Black Flowerdoscopic Bodysuit hugs you in the right places, and the long sleeves help you deal with the breeze. Oh, the print? This floral bodysuit...
Black Flowerdoscopic Canvas Jacket
Your chilly days just got bolder with the Black Flowerdoscopic Canvas Jacket. It features a cozy fit to give you a warm hug while letting you shine all around with this joyful print. Long sleeves with cuffs, pockets, a versatile...
Sold Out
Black Flowerdoscopic Maxi Dress
This is definitely something to hold on to for seasons ahead: the Black Flowerdoscopic Maxi Dress is everything you need to shine all around! It was born to be your wardrobe-hero, that’s why every single detail in it matters: from...
Black Ikat Dyed Leopard Ball Sweater
Well, your chilly days just got cooler (in the fashion way!). The Mixed Ikat-Dyed Leopard Ball Sweater is a fave to drop jaws all around, not just because of its print or puff sleeves, but also the embroidered tassels that...
Black Ikat Dyed Leopard Mini Dress
A fancy-yet-cool statement to make all season long: the Black Ikat-Dyed Leopard Mini Dress features all the detailing to stand out from the basic crowd! It has ruffles in the sleeves, both smocked neckline & skirt to hug you in...
Black Tropical Magic Mini Dress
Who said you can’t keep showing some legs? The Black Tropical Magic Mini Dress is here to prove them wrong! It has a body-hugging bodice, standout sleeves, and the length is also good to fit your bold stockings and boots....
Black Tropical Magic Plush Bomber
What a warm hug! The Black Tropical Magic Plush Bomber will embrace you on every chilly day. It has a smooth plush fabric, an eye-popping print, and beaded tassels at zipper for that cute touch you love. Matches your warm...
Black Tropical Magic Plush Pants
The Black Tropical Magic Plush Pants will keep your legs warm and comfortable on those cold days. They have a soft plush fabric, an eye-catching print, and are perfect to pair with the Black Tropical Magic Plush Bomber - you've...
Black Tropical Magic Sweater Dress
A lot of awe-inspiring elements in just one dress! The Black Tropical Magic Sweater Dress is here to embrace you and your sun-filled plans. It has standout sleeves to deal with the breeze, but you can still show some legs...
Sold Out
Blue Cool Leopard Ruffle Maxi Dress
Blue is actually a lucky color around here: the Blue Cool Leopard Ruffled Maxi Dress can prove us right! It features an easy fit with a V neck to show some skin and ruffled detailing all around for that cute...
Brilliant Floral Dress
Tastes like a flowerfull day. The FARM RIO Brilliant Floral Mini Dress is slim fitting in the bodice with a relaxed skirt. Depending on your mood, you can show your legs, pair with your fave tights, over-the-knee boots or simply...
Mixed Black Prints Fleece Shirt
That’s what we call a must-have staple for your timeless wardrobe: the Mixed Black Prints Fleece Shirt matches all your seasons and plans! It has a versatile button placket so you can style your shirt in fresh ways. Wanna keep...
Caramel Raining Bananas Midi Dress
What a delicious way to enjoy sunny days ahead: the Caramel Raining Bananas Midi Dress is a wardrobe hero to keep forever! Its slim shape, the print, beaded tassels and open detailing are the right pick to match your fresh...
€170,00 €136,00
Just magical! The Cosmic Floral Shirt is something else to leave your mark this season. It has a slightly oversized fit in the bodice and sleeves, and the functional center front buttons make it easier to wear. For an impressive look,...
Dream Garden Mini Dress
€138,00 €110,40
Dream Garden Mini Dress
That's the definition of an attention-grabbing favorite - the Dream Garden Mini Dress is fresh as your plans for the season. It has an easy fit and the beaded tassels give it that romantic yet elegant look. It goes perfectly...
€138,00 €110,40
Floral Shine Blouse
You on top of your season. This Floral Shine Blouse brings a well-deserved relaxed fitting in a short but ideal length. Long sleeves for when the temperature drops and comfort rises. And, of course, sequins between the flowers because shining...
Flying Toucans Crossed Back Frilled Jumpsuit
Hello, this fave’s here to bring you so much joy! The Flying Toucans Crossed Back Frilled Jumpsuit is an effortless choice for your capsule wardrobe. It has a slim fit to hug you in the right places, and frilled detailing...
€255,00 €204,00
Green Papaya Salad Mini Dress
Your fave fruit just became also your fave print: the Green Papaya Salad Mini Dress is fresh to dress and easy to love! It has a skin-tight fit to show exactly what you wanna reveal. It’s a great match to...
€140,00 €112,00
Green Raining Bananas Maxi Wrap Dress
What a delicious way to enjoy your season! The Green Raining Bananas Maxi Wrap Dress has the comfy style you’re looking for, along with this eye-popping print <3 Wrap yourself in this light fabric to go have fun from video...
€285,00 €228,00
Juliana Stripes Puffer Jacket
Trust us: it feels like a warm hug! The Juliana Stripes Puffer Jacket is here to stay with you for seasons ahead. It features an adjustable hoodie for when it gets too chilly out there, and the fleece is something...
Jungle Colors Midi Dress
Perfect combination. The Jungle Colors Midi Dress looks like a dress and a stylish sweatshirt altogether. It shapes a relaxed fitting throughout with a fitted waistline. Goes beautifully with casual booties and sneakers in the best throw-and-go-have-fun style. • midi...
Leopard Shell Midi Dress
€225,00 €180,00
Leopard Shell Midi Dress
An effortless style with animal effort: the Leopard Shell Midi Dress is your new go-to-everywhere kind of fave! It has an easy fit to throw on and hang around with your fresh accessories. You can tie the straps to your...
€225,00 €180,00
€215,00 €129,00
The ultimate definition of dressing happily is here: the long pierced dress with flowing sleeves is simply full of joy. It features a colorful mix of prints. Every detail is important to make it your new favorite.• Easy fit •...
€215,00 €129,00
Mixed Black Prints Cardigan
It’s time to layer up and head out to spread joy everywhere! The Mixed Black Prints Cardigan is that kind of fave that matches all your outfits year-round. It’s like a warm hug, and the button placket gives you the...
Mixed Black Prints Maxi Dress
A flowy way to dress in happiness whatever the season! The Mixed Black Prints Maxi Dress will walk you through joyful moments. It features an effortless silhouette with a show-some-skin kind of neckline, long sleeves to deal with the breeze,...
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