About Us

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Our philosophy

Mandarine is an exclusive fashion store that brings together firms that work in a sustainable and innovative way.

We follow the model of Slow fashion And the most important thing for us is to share the work done by those firms that, in addition to exclusive and quality products, have the main objective of taking care of the planet and what is inside it.

We are inspired by the women around us; a cosmopolitan and urban woman who has good taste, elegance and simplicity.

The Brazilian publicist Karina Vila Nova, graduated in Fashion Marketing at IED (Milan) and Marketing at UCLA (California), and passionate about fashion created Mandarine in 2003 in her native Sao Paulo, bringing together brands with their own DNA and that at the same time reflect the Brazilian way of life; the colors, the nature, the climate and, above all, the joy.

In 2018 we arrived in Barcelona, including local brands in our space, but always maintaining the mission of bringing our clients that experience that includes exclusive, sustainable, cheerful and lovingly chosen fashion.

What do we do at Mandarine?

  • We work without stock. This way we assure you exclusive garments and do not generate unnecessary surpluses, which helps us to minimize the environmental impact.
  • We give priority to handmade products, with attention to detail and valuing each stage of the manufacturing process.
  • We seek to have a socially responsible production chain, with a focus on people and attention to the process.

Slow fashion

What is Slow Fashion?

It is an alternative to the mass production industry, which focuses on a local, humanized and decelerated production chain.

How to put it into practice?

  • Learn more about the workforce behind the products you consume
  • Be aware of the provenance of the materials used in the process
  • Buy from companies that maintain a fair and sustainable production chain
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